“Sometimes I think there’s a language for this,

to refuse a world that turns names into lists…”

~ Nothing But Time

The Dustbowl Daddies are excited to announce the release of the first two singles off their upcoming album Boom and Bust Economies of Love.

With steel string jangle, swinging trumpet, and plenty of stomp and twang, Ottawa-based alt-folk group the Dustbowl Daddies perform high energy folk-pop that draws on a diversity of musical influences, ranging from alt country and indie pop, to roots rock and ska/punk.

 The first single - Nothing But Time – With soaring harmonies and a message straight from the heart, Nothing But Time speaks to the band’s deep sense of gratitude for the people in our lives who help us remember what really matters in our world of distraction. Songwriter Paul Tyler says, “The song was written for my children, twins, before they were even three. I was strumming my guitar for them as they played together in the living room, and I spontaneously began singing the chorus, expressing the overwhelming joy I felt simply being with them. The line -- I've got nothing but time for you -- was the realization that this was the deepest love I'd ever felt. The song goes on to ask if love this strong can overcome the dehumanizing aspects of our society and world.”

 The second single – Mr. Cyclops – embodies the more irreverent side of the band. Beginning with a hymn-like choral opening, Mr Cyclops quickly morphs into a raucous toe-tapper – complete with trumpets ablazing and tongue-in-cheek references to everything from Odysseus’ epic adventures to Hello Kitty. Songwriter Paul Saurette describes Mr. Cyclops as "a cheerfully rueful song about all those times you thought you were doing everything right, only to discover after the fact that you were more of a hurricane than a rainbow! It’s the musical equivalent of a possibly melodramatic, probably embellished, and certainly self-deprecating story, recounted with much laughter and self-mockery (and possibly a tinge of regret) at the end of an evening spent with dear friends”

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